This pathway is for all staff working in IPEH. The pathway provides an overview of the Learning and Development opportunities available to you during your first three years in post. Each role in IPEH has its own individual training pathway your line manager will provide your with a copy of the pathway relevant to your role.
To book a place on these events follow the links or to see available dates and locations, all events are also listed at the bottom of this page.
Induction and Online Learning Modules – Week One
Local/Team Induction
West Sussex County Council Induction (WSCC) - Welcome Modules
Office Safety
Corporate Health and Safety Induction
Manual Handling
Protecting Information
Acceptable use policy for using IT Facilities

All Staff then follow an IPEH core pathway based on whether their role involves holding a caseload or not.

Compliance Training
The courses highlighted in red above constitute the IPEH compliance courses. All staff must undertake these courses and ensure that they complete the appropriate refresher every 3 years. Staff above Grade 10 must also complete Safer Recruitment training.

6 Months – 36 Months
Each role in the IPEH workforce has its own individualised training & development pathway. Each pathway outlines the Mandatory and Optional training for each role. You should embark on completing the pathway over the next 2.5 years - completing the mandatory training first.

Refresher Training
You will be required to refresh your Safeguarding and any First Aid training every three Years. In addition West Sussex county council requires all staff to undertake Mandatory Annual Refresher Training.