The West Sussex County Council (WSCC) new starter corporate induction pathway is a series of learning activities where you will find out:
  • Who we are
  • What we do
  • Our purpose and values
  • What is expected from you
  • How you and your role fit into delivering a great service to our customers. 
It will support you in the early stages of employment and should be completed along side your Service Induction, it will help you to integrate within your team and the organisation but importantly, it will help you to have a great start in your career with WSCC.
You should complete the following steps:
  • A new member of staff - Steps 1-4
  • A new member of staff in a management role - Steps 1-5
  • An existing member of staff promoted to a management role - Step 5 Only
  • A new Director or Service Lead - Steps 1-6 
Step One - Welcome Module - Useful information before you start
Step Two - Induction Workshop - All new staff
Step Three - Core Induction - All New staff
Step Four - Local Induction - Service Induction Information
Step Five - Managers - New WSCC Manager
Step Six - Service Leads/Directors - New Service Leads/Directors Only
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