This page has been designed to help you identify learning opportunities that are available under the heading of The Care Certificate.
The Care Certificate was introduced by Skills for Care in April 2015 and it:
  • replaces the Common Induction Standards
  • is based on the Code of Conduct for Social Care workers and Health Care Assistants
  • is completed on induction by employees new to care 
  • is assessed 'in house' and signed off by the Manager
  • should be completed in around 12 weeks (longer if part time)
  • does not replace but includes company/authority induction
  • has 15 standards
  • will require regular supervision by the Manager/Line Manager
  • requires the new staff member to provide sufficient evidence in each standard


The different options allow you the freedom to identify what will best meet your needs and learning style to meet the evidence required in each of the 15 Standards of the Care Certificate. To see the information available under each heading just click the coloured box. In addition to these opportunities you could develop your knowledge and practice through team meetings and team development, workshops, supervision, peer support, shadowing a colleague or personal research.
New Employees should complete the two day Care Certificate induction, available dates will be listed below, the course covers standards 1-7 and 14. New employees can also find more information on the Skills for Care website.  
Assessors should complete the one day Care Certificate assessor training, available dates will be listed below. Assessors can also find more information on the Skills for Care website.