An Introduction to the Mental Capacity Act

Event Description This online learning module is for anyone working within Health and Social Care who are caring and supporting either children or adults in England and Wales. It will assist you in learning how to support people to make decisions, aid you in identifying when a mental capacity assessment is required and how to carry one out appropriately. You will also briefly explore how 'best interests' decisions are made and learn your responsibilities in relation to the Deprivation of Liberty.
Training Objectives The aim of this online learning module is to provide you with an introduction to The Mental Capacity Act and how you must use it in caring for the people you support. 
Learning Outcomes If you apply what you have learnt in this online learning module you will be able to;

  • Know what is meant by mental capacity.
  • Explain the five key principles of the Mental Capacity Act.
  • State the two steps of a Mental Capacity Assessment.
  • Define what is meant by 'best interests'.
  • Summarise Deprivation of Liberty.
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    Online Learning Course Category Adult Services 
    Subject Areas Social Work, Safeguarding, Occupational Therapy (OT), Mental Health Care, Learning Difficulties, Early Years, Disability, Dementia, Day Services, Children and Young People, Care Management 
    Target Audience WSCC Staff, Voluntary Community Groups, Social Workers, Shared Lives Carers, PVI Sector - Children, PVI Sector - Adults, Occupational Therapist, Health Care, Early Years, Early Help, Children Services, Care Homes, Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHP), Adult Services 
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