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The Assertive Manager

Event Description This module is for all managers and will teach you how to build relationships by helping you to understand different types of behaviour, their characteristics and what the impact of these can be on the people that you work with.

You will learn how to use assertive behaviours to express your ideas, thoughts and feelings, and responsive behaviours so that you can take on board what other people think, believe and feel.
Training Objectives The aim of this module is to help you build more productive relationships at work - ones where everyone is committed to achieving their objectives. 
Learning Outcomes If you apply what you have learnt on this module you will be able to:

  • Identify the differences between assertive, responsive, aggressive and submissive behaviours
  • Recognise the way you behave has an impact on othersð behaviour
  • Identify questioning and listening techniques to get positive results
    Course Pre-Requisites  
    Course Instructions You may have to allow pop-ups for this e-learning module. If you need help in doing this please contact Corporate Learning and Development Helpdesk on 033 022 22003 (x22003). 
    Online Learning Course Category Management and Staff Training 
    Subject Areas Personal Development, Communication and Writing Skills 
    Target Audience Managers 
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    Internal LA Cost: £0.00
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    Online Learning Anytime 90 Minutes At your desk