Early Help
Early Help
Children's Social Care

Level 1

Parents/carers are meeting child’s needs with support from universal services.

Level 2

Children with additional needs. Parents and child need provision of
support/guidance to help them meet child’s needs.

Level 3

Children in families with increasing levels of multiple and complex problems. Families require a
coordinated, whole family approach led by a Lead worker or key worker enabling
the family to meet the children’s needs.

Level 4

Children with acute needs including from children’s social care to keep those in need of protection children safe from harm. Parents need specialist intervention.
Anyone in contact with Children's Social Care.
Any person acting as Lead Professional for early help plans.
Early Help, Think Family, Key Workers and managers, Targeted Early CHildhood Service Key Workers, safeguarding nurse specialists.
Social Workers and Social Work Managers.
No formal assessments required Early Help Plan Child and
Family Plan
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